It’s money that I love.

You can sense the offseason negotiations are gonna be fun.

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity was unaware of any interview, as of Tuesday morning. Bobo’s contract says that he must notify McGarity of any upcoming discussions about another job.

Bobo signed a new three-year deal after last season that pays him $575,000 annually. So could he get another raise if another school comes after him? McGarity said he and head coach Mark Richt typically discuss raises for assistants a couple weeks after the season.

“I think we made a strong commitment last year. So it’s not like the institution hasn’t stepped up,” McGarity said, then added: “That’s a conversation for Mark and myself later.”

If you’ll recall, the institution had to get pushed a wee bit by Bobo’s agent last year.

Bobo’s name has surfaced as a head coaching candidate at Southern Miss and, according to his agent, he is drawing interest for other jobs as well. Even if Bobo declines the overtures, it would likely result in an enhanced financial agreement from UGA.

Russ Campbell, the Birmingham-based attorney who acts as Bobo’s agent, confirmed that his client is being considered for jobs but declined to discuss specifics.

“I can tell you that he’s getting some long overdue consideration,” said Campbell, who was in California with Sonny Dykes, who was being introduced as the California Bears’ head coach on Thursday. “It’s unbelievable what Mike has done at Georgia; his track record speaks for itself. People are finally starting to notice.”

People are starting to notice?  Well, maybe they should pay for Bobo’s raise.  Probably before paying for an IPF, though.

Seriously, he had to see this coming a long way off.



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  1. WF Dawg

    A question for those more enlightened than me: can donors designate their contributions for particular purposes, e.g. The Fund for the Appropriate Compensation of Mike Bobo? Seems that would provide a way to bypass the tight-fistedness in Butts-Mehre.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    When every other team in your division is shelling out big bucks, I’m sorry Greg. You’re going to have to open up the wallet and spend some damn money. VANDERBILT just opened an indoor practice facility. You currently have an assistant coach who is arguably the best offensive coordinator in the Eastern Division of the SEC. Heck, he might be the best OC in the league based on the performances of the past several years. I don’t think there’s much argument that he’s the league’s best quarterbacks coach. PAY THE MAN. If he wants more money, GIVE IT TO HIM.

    It’s getting ridiculous with McGarity. Pay these people, or lose them. Build the facilities, or face losing recruits.


  3. Joe Schmoe

    To those on the previous thread who wondered why Bobo would take an interview with Georgia Southern, here is your answer. McGarity will absolutely never give a proactive raise to deserving assistant coaches and therefore forces Bobo (who has been nothing but the profile of a loyal Dawg) to prostitute himself for other jobs in order to get a market competitive deal out of UGA. This is no way to run a business.


  4. Spike

    Pay the dude, you cheap bastards…


  5. Skeptic Dawg

    Yet again, McFrugal will forgo dollar bills attempting to squeez every dime that has has. This guy is the very definition of a miser.


  6. HVL Dawg

    I’m thinking I’d offer him 850,000 for 3 years or 750,000 for 6 years – a BMW sedan and an F250 pickup truck, of course, and an indoor practice facility.


    • HVL Dawg

      Oh, and I’d offer CMR a 6 year contract extension with $1 million to his favorite charity if he completes the 6 year term, no raise but crazy money for winning the SEC. Oh, and a BMW sedan, an F250 pickup truck, of course, and an indoor practice facility.


  7. 202dawg

    If we lose Bobo because McGarity is ‘tight as Dick’s hat band’ (thanks granddaddy), I may buy a billboard on the Loop to show my displeasure…


  8. Yeah, man, I got a couple of questions. What is the total yearly compensation of one Greg McDickhead? Why the fuck can’t a man with ears like a baby elephant hear the voices of those who actually finance the entire operation? I’ll hang up and listen. Go Dawgs!


  9. So far, McGarity has been an awful AD and it looks like we are stuck with him for a while. We’ll see how he handles the Bobo pay raise and eventual dismissal of Coach Fox. If he can pony up the money for Bobo and bring in Bruce Pearl, I’ll give him a mulligan on these first few years. But as of right now, he has turned a job that should be as easy as an Easter Egg hunt into a butt-f*ck-athon (with apologies to Jon Favreau).


  10. Tduga1

    I say hire a coach like Pearl. Sure we will be on probation in five years but who cares. At least we will get a few years of exciting basketball.


  11. Will Trane

    Now we know why McGarity will never come close to a “red pany” situation. Some had that feeling Kurt Roper would go to Gainesville. But let’s not forget the O performance at Vandy and against Mizzou. Stat wise they looked good but there were moments when they did not and they struggled.


  12. Will Trane

    If the OC goes, who would CMR hire? Make a list for us Senator, check it twice. I would be shocked if he goes, but my gut says he will. Think that is just in his DNA. Did not Paul Johnson coach at GSU-Statesboro/ That should be help to decide.


  13. Will Trane

    Now we know why the Gators are excited about Roper. His offense is crushing A&M. when kingsbury left a&m, johnny should have left. Summerlin will be gone with his over paid contract in 2 seasons. and maybe bobo is feed up with CMR. think bobo wants to run more spread and up tempo.