Grantham, Harvey-Clemons and the “S” word

You knew he’d say it:

“I have no trouble standing up for him because I do believe he’s a solid kid. I think as you move forward in life, you’ve got to learn from your mistakes, and I think sometimes you’ve got to give kids a second chance, and I think he’s earned the right for that chance and what he’s done so far. I never had any issues with him when I was at Georgia from the accountability for meetings or practice or anything like that, but at the same time, you do have to go through a maturity phase as far as understanding the decisions you make, there’s consequences for them. He’s really matured, and I’ve been very proud of that. I’m really excited for him to play this year and get back on the field.”

It’s amazing what great humanitarians these coaches are.  Makes you wonder why this guy has such a bug up his ass.  Doesn’t he realize it’s always about the kids?



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11 responses to “Grantham, Harvey-Clemons and the “S” word

  1. heyberto

    Grantham gonna Grantham.


  2. RocketDawg

    I don’t think JHC was a bad kid he just couldn’t lay off the doobie. I don’t recall ever hearing about him being disrespectful or causing problems in the program. I hope he does well at UL and gets a chance in the NFL


    • W Cobb Dawg

      You may have a point. Some of these kids get the boot because of strict policies – that don’t apply to anyone other than athletes.


    • tess

      He wouldn’t show up on time or sometimes at all for community service he was given for getting caught the first time, and when he did, if he didn’t like the task, he’d just leave. I worked where he was assigned, and at least once, someone from the athletic dept had to come in to keep him on our list of acceptable workers. Even that didn’t help, and they eventually had to find him something else.


  3. Walt

    Grantham is such a douche bag. My lasting memory of Grantham is from 2010 when he gave some Florida kicker the choke sign, and then the kicker makes the kick and gives Grantham the finger. That was probably the only time I ever felt anything resembling affection for a Florida football player.


  4. Mayor

    The kid transferred to the wrong school–JHC should have gone to Colorado. Doobs are legal there now.


  5. JAX

    Who gives a shit?


  6. gastr1

    Everything always come back to Mark Richt Sucks at ____. Or he’s lost control. But everything everywhere is always about that. Thanks, Ob… I mean, Thanks, Richt.