Brian Fremeau’s 2017 Game Splits

What, you ask, are game splits?  Well

Game Splits are the components of scoring margin in victory or defeat. The non-garbage game results — possessions (Po), points scored (PF), points allowed (PA)  — are used to produce unadjusted game efficiency data. The value contributed by the offense (Off), defense (Def), and special teams (ST) units, plus the value of an extra possession (Ex) if applicable, add up to the non-garbage scoring margin of the game.

The scoring values of starting field position for the given team’s offense (OFP) and its opponent’s offense (DFP) are provided. Net field value (NFV) is the difference in starting field position value plus, if applicable, the value of defensive and special teams touchdowns. Turnover values gained (TO+) and lost (TO-) represent scoring value generated by the given team on interceptions and fumbles. Net turnover value (NTO) is the difference in scoring value gained and lost on turnovers.

Scroll down to Georgia’s, because there’s a lot of illuminating information there.  Here are a few points of interest:

  • To what should be no one’s surprise, the defense carried the team through the first part of the season, culminating in the Tennessee shut out.  But over the last two games, the script has been flipped, as the offense has been doing the heavy lifting and the defense has been just a little better than average.  Not so coincidentally, those games have been against teams that throw the ball better than they run it.
  • Special teams have been a contributor in almost every game.  What a change from last season.
  • If you want a reason for ongoing optimism, Georgia is 7-0 and has dominated most of its opponents despite being subpar in net field position and, outside of the Tennessee game, meh in net turnover value.  Imagine what might happen if those swung positively Georgia’s way.
  • Speaking of the Tennessee game, those numbers are crazy good.


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7 responses to “Brian Fremeau’s 2017 Game Splits

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.


  2. Russ

    Nobody told there would be math.


  3. mp

    Just from the ol’ eye test, the defensive line last two weeks has definitely suffered without Trenton Thompson there. He’s such a disruptive force in breaking through the line and getting up the middle, it forces QB’s out wide where the OLB’s can affect the play. (I guess if I wanted to verify, it would show up in 1st and 2nd down defense, as I believe he has been checking out of 3rd down…just not sure which stats have what where…)


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I agree the absense of Trent, Reggie Carter and Natrez Patrick has had some effect. We’re not as strong up the middle without them, although we do have good depth. Lock and Shurmur might be the two best passing QBs we’ll face, though Bentley might have something to say about that. When preparing for UGA, it’s not a simple task for an opponent to quickly develop a passing game the likes of mizzou’s. Our success against running QBs bodes well for the remaining games.


  4. I’ll take the average performance against Vandy where the team gave up a TD against the prevent at the end of the half and a garbage TD after a QB change. Last week is a different story. It was clear we were having problems against big, fast WRs, but the coaches continued to go man with 1 safety in the middle of the field.


    • Russ

      We had problems for a half, then we made adjustments. I expect those adjustments to happen much more quickly in the future, if needed. It was good we saw those issues and had to correct them.