Pay (each other) to play

This article about NCAA economics and the impact of paying student-athletes may be way over your head (hell, it’s way over mine in a lot of spots), but here’s the gist:

Okay, even gistier:

There’s a certain real world logic to that.  If schools have to pay players, they’ll suddenly discover there are a whole lot of less relevant budget items that can be revised downwards, like waterfalls and $10,000 lockers.  And that’s before you get to bloated administrative staffing.  (Which is really what this whole amateurism fight is about now…)


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  1. Who needs to pay the guys working hard on the field when you have assistant to the associate athletic directors and those associate athletic directors to pay? Most of these people have no other job skill to make them worth their high 5/low 6 figure salary. Jeffrey Kessler will force them to figure it out eventually.


  2. AusDawg85

    I’m no economist but I look at the NFL and see increasing revenues and valuations occurring alongside increasing player contracts. Increased stipends (“pay”) to SA’s will just be like a tax passed along to the consumer. There’s more money out their as long as the product remains in demand. Eventually the AD’s will figure that out. To sustain that demand, however, I predict a shrinking of product availability by seeing a consolidation at the top level. Those ensuing lawsuits should be interesting and could result in the destruction of the NCAA into a new org for the revised Power 5.


  3. Macallanlover

    If you would revise this to take money from the professors, and their many helpers, that might definitely sway me to this paying the athletes thingy. All the fat isn’t in the athletic department. Between the over pay for coaches and profs, there might be enough to make the athletes want to stay all four years. NFL pay might be falling soon. Of course, I would want the band, cheerleaders, and other athletes in for a cut of those freed up monies.


    • … there might be enough to make the athletes want to stay all four years.

      Mac, I think this is a very underrated part of the amateurism debate. Think about what it might have meant for Georgia if, say, AJ Green and Todd Gurley were receiving adequate compensation instead of reaching out to sketchy third parties who hurt their eligibilty. Consider how it might impact juniors’ decisions to enter the NFL draft early.


      • Macallanlover

        That is a great positive for sure. If that happened, I would prefer those monies be deferred into some account not available to the athlete. Really wouldn’t want to see some guy pull up to practice in a Bentley with a well dressed driver opening the door for him. Keep the scooters!


  4. 92 grad

    At least people are trying to protect the sport keeping the money from being more the instrument of success than the players. (The idea that championship football can be bought). The big issue I can see here is that once they’ve argued the point they won’t stop with the conclusion, they’ll just keep rehashing it. Sometimes the hardest thing for an institution to do is to make a decision and then stop debating it and move on.


    • southernlawyer11

      Not being snarky, but I have no idea what you’re trying to say. I’m genuinely interested.


      • 92 grad

        Sorry, that was a bit cryptic. What I mean is this; every time the question is asked you will get a different answer. A few years ago I served on the board of a local private school and it was maddening because every meeting was debate, decide, the same issues over and over again.


  5. southernlawyer11

    I don’t know what the final answer is and all the dominoes that fall every which way………I do know that I’m getting tired of bureaucrats at all levels of government making opulence the standard. I don’t need to study business in a new Terry Taj Mahal or have a stadium that is part bar, part mall, part den, part computer lab if it means the price of every GD thing under the sun keeps going up and up and up forever. Talk about class divide creep. Everything needs to be scaled back and our collective public institutions don’t need to be effing country clubs.
    /but I do support the new indoor.