Reflections at FSU

Shorter Florida State’s athletic director on the strong possibility that FSU will sell less than 25,000 (non-luxury) season tickets in 2019:


This is sad:

According to FSU’s planned budget for the coming year, the Seminoles are projecting a decrease of more than $8 million in overall football ticket revenue — from over $23 million to around $15 million.

Coburn said the Seminoles are hoping to offset some of those losses with money they make from their season opener against Boise State in Jacksonville. Because of the way that deal is structured — it originally was a Florida State home game — the Seminoles are hoping to profit more that than they would from a normal game at Doak.

“Jacksonville tickets are going pretty well, and we hope to make up some ground, budget-wise, there,” Coburn said.




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14 responses to “Reflections at FSU

  1. TXBaller

    The Jameis effect


  2. Macallanlover

    That is a huge miss, surprised it would happen that fast with an established program. The time pressure on Willie T just got ramped up. Clear message in this to other programs that the good times do not last forever, tread softly with the long range contracts and building commitments. In these uncertain times, even 1-2 year lock-ins should be evaluated regularly.

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    • Dawgoholic

      Lesson here is to not get in a renal contest with a coach that just won a championship. They essentially ran off Jimbo by not giving him support/facilities he wanted that were all well within what they coukd afford at the time. Seminole Boosters won the renal contest – Jimbo won the war. Incredibly bad decision making by the administration.


  3. Mayor

    Not taking sides but I hope Boise waxes the Criminoles in Jacksonville.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    “It’s a reflection of the last two or three seasons we’ve had, the schedule we have at home, and the attitude of this generation between 20 and 40 about going to live sporting events”

    Broad brush blame on a generation they locked out with rapidly escalating donation levels, parking, and ticket prices? Dude.

    Break my bank for a home schedule of Louisiana-Monroe, Alabama State, Louisville, N.C. State, Syracuse, and Miami? Uh, no thanks.

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  5. Faltering Memory

    Sounds like the canary in the coal mine is becoming a flock.


  6. stoopnagle

    Bet they wish they were rolling in that sweet SEC TV money now, don’t they?


  7. FisheriesDawg

    I love that there was an ad for a 3-game ticket pack at the bottom of that article. Reminds me of another nearby ACC school…


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Patient Zero.


  9. JCDawg83

    I’m sure he’s not but I hope McGarity is paying attention. The comment about 20-40 year olds is true but the unspoken part was that 20-40 year olds today are smart enough to see when there is no value in buying season tickets.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      ^Agree with JC 100%. Heck, even 50-something year olds like me are realizing there’s no benefit to shelling out thousands of dollars a year for season tickets and crappy treatment.


  10. I smell the proverbial “4 tix, 4 dogs and 4 cokes” in the real near future….or is that a hot seat cookin’ in nole land….