“I believe they can.”

Either Nick Saban hasn’t been showing PAWWWLLL!!! enough love lately, or Finebaum needs something new to stir the rubes calling in before the season starts.

“Is this the year in Georgia is going to kind of take this the next step?” McFarland said. “We’ve been saying that Kirby smart recruiting like Nick Saban, he’s right there, they had Alabama. But guess what? They haven’t beaten them. So my question, Paul, as we get this started, can Georgia finally get into the conversation and win the big game?”

“I believe they can,” Finebaum said. “And I guess I have faith in the coaching staff and especially the roster. And I want to ask you about that because a lot of people next week are going to point especially to that offensive line. Obviously, (running back D’Andre Swift) is pretty amazing, (Jake Fromm’s) had a great career, is that roster good enough?”

… During an appearance on SportsCenter this week, Finebaum also listed Georgia as his pick with the potential to end Alabama and Clemson’s reigns atop of the college football world. The Crimson Tide (2015 and 2017) and Tigers (2016 and 2018) have combined to win the past four national titles. The teams have also met in the last four College Football Playoffs, with three of those matchups coming in the final game of the season.

“I think it’s Georgia,” Finebaum said. “And that’s a predictable prediction. But to me, Georgia, Alabama and Clemson are in a class of their own. Those are the three best teams in the country. I’ve had some experts argue that Georgia’s talent per se might be better than Alabama; certainly not at quarterback. But I think overall their offensive line is fantastic, and missing some components at wide receiver because of attrition and suspension, but overall this is Kirby Smart’s best team.”

Or, there’s the three-dimensional chess spin on that take:  Finebaum doesn’t really believe what he’s saying and plans on ragging Smart even harder next offseason when the Dawgs come up short again.

Is it August 31st yet?



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15 responses to ““I believe they can.”

  1. Chipperdawg

    I believe they can… and will!


  2. mwo

    It sickens me that Finebum is the accepted voice and expert on all things SEC. He is a fucking hack who is a shill for all things Alabama and Saban. He has the easiest job in the world, just spew some half truth or something so outrageous even he doesn’t believe it then wait for the faithful to call in and rebut. He is the ringmaster of the ESPN SEC media circus.

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  3. I think Alabama’s team is better, but the margins have narrowed to the point where the game is 53-47 or thereabouts. I think Bama and Georgia are both ahead of Clemson right now given the insane talent Clemson lost up front last year. If Clemson reloads along the DL — Xavier Thomas is there, so it’s possible — then I could see Clemson vaulting back ahead of both Bama and UGA. I’m sort of betting on the DL being good but not amazing for Clemson, which would make it more susceptible against the run, something I think both Bama and UGA could take advantage of.


  4. RangerRuss

    I’ve watched Finebaum in the past. He’s basically honest and his assessment is unenlightened to anyone with a passing knowledge of UGA football. There is no reason to attribute malice to his statement. If the Dawgs fail in their quest then Kirby will have some explaining to do.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, it isn’t that he is horrible at all; no worse than any of the other folks Mickey employs to speak on CFB. But the baggage he didn’t shed when he went from local radio to a national show on Satellite Radio, and now onto television, drives people away. It may have been OK to have Bama and Barn fans argue incessantly when he was statewide, but it doesn’t play well on a national scope; it drives other fans away and makes his show a laughingstock. I hear less informed people on broadcast media every day, but I never tune in for Paul’s show. I do listen to his opinions when they come up, his ideas are as good as anyone here, and he actually makes good money voicing them. But that doesn’t make me want a dose of that show on even a once per quarter basis.

      And it makes no sense to wonder or question if UGA is capable of playing Bama, and beating them at this point. I wouldn’t put them as the favorite to win it all in 2019, a couple of answers to minor questions have yet to be answered, but we are close to being as a good a pick as anyone else. So why question him for picking UGA, he isn’t the only person saying that. We are clearly one of about 6 names you hear in any conversation. That’s all you can ask for, be good enough that everyone has you in the conversation almost every year. That is where UGA is now, things will fall into place, and that is what it takes. Just win the East, beat the whomever from the West in Atlanta, and be healthy for a 2 game run against anyone that shows up. Our chances and personnel are as good as anyone’s. Better call Paul, he is on this.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Ranger all you say can be true and it still be true that (i) he made his bones sucking up to all things Bama, (ii) he tries to stir the pot, and most important (iii) he looks like a penis with ears. He’s just too easy to ridicule.


  5. J-Dawg

    Bama better at QB? Seriously? Give me Jake any day. They can keep Tua Toyota.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I really, really, really wish that we had at least one truly veteran receiver in the ranks. I love the talent we’ve got there, but I really want experience to go with it. I’m glad that Kirby did the right thing with the Holloman situation, especially since it clearly isn’t the only choice he had (Hi, Les Miles!). But man… I really wish we had at least one guy I could point to on July 12th and say, yeah, that’s the guy we’re throwing to at the end of the Auburn game.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Well, Kirby’s 43 and considering his ability and work ethic I’m confident his best days are ahead of him. Some people talk as if the past 2 seasons were an aberration. Truth is, we’ve just barely scratched the surface of a golden age for UGA football. Finebaum simply states the obvious about Kirby knocking on that championship door – probably for the next couple decades.



    When? If, maybe.


  9. FisheriesDawg

    I think Georgia is better at QB than Alabama.