One thing I wasn’t expecting to hear at SEC Media Days…

… is Clemson players saying this about Sanford Stadium:

The Missouri state motto is “Show Me,” and former Clemson starting quarterback Kelly Bryant is ready to do just that after changing Tiger stripes via his transfer last season.

Missouri plays at Georgia on Nov. 9, and Bryant said on Monday at SEC Media Days it’s one of the games he’s looking forward to most this season.

“When I was going to high school Clemson had played Georgia, and hearing some of the guys that were still on the team my freshman year, they were like, Georgia is the loudest stadium they’d ever played in, they couldn’t really hear each other on the sideline, communication was hard,” Bryant said.

Of course, there was a lot to get excited about in that game.



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7 responses to “One thing I wasn’t expecting to hear at SEC Media Days…

  1. That night was electric. It should have been the beginning of TG3II’s march to the Heisman Trophy.


  2. Derek

    Players that play in the acc are impressed with Sanford? Really?

    Someone needs to get this news to Breese and Murphy. Saturday afternoon in Durham and Raleigh and Charlottesville ain’t where it’s at.


    • jrod1229

      Actually, if they’re looking at their decision as a business decision they are probably making the right call. 10 game tune up with one or two tough games in there, and they get to still play for the important hardware. Body impact is minimal compared to the weekly slug fest of an SEC game and it doesn’t affect their draft status. I get it.


  3. Classic City Canine

    I’ll take the compliment.

    That 2014 game is a close #2 for my all-time favorite Georgia game behind the Rose Bowl.


  4. Macallanlover

    That Sanford isn’t loud is a myth. The truth is, it is loud for big games, yes, it would be louder if the West end were closed. It is also true that it is not loud for insignificant cupcake games, or nooners. The big Clemson games, Auburn Black Jersey game, LSU, etc., is Sanford they way it can be. I would expect the ND night game to be another very loud game that will be noted as an example of how Sanford can be a big home field edge. GT games (played when the students are away) are also pretty mild games, but above daytime cupcakes….night time cupcakes are probably above all tech games the past few decades cause darkness is more exciting that nerd football.


  5. I do dislike me some auburn…but nerd football,i dislike times 10ish


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Bryant also knows all too well that Swinney learned a valuable lesson that season starting Cole Stoudt over Deshaun Watson.

    It’s the reason he’s at Missouri.