The words that sent Justin Fields packing

… weren’t uttered by Adam Sasser.

They came from this guy.

Maybe Fromm doesn’t have the gaudiest stats in the country, but I can’t think of another quarterback starting this season who’s run off two five-star players from his program.  That’s a good enough resume in my book.


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  1. Macallanlover

    Good post. I have no doubt Fromm’s laser-like focus on the task/play at hand was beneficial in his success his first two years as he separated himself from the story lines surrounded him. I am not sure we can say the same about the coaching staff. The continual, and silly, uses of Justin Fields at bizarre times was disruptive and looked contrived. I will never forget Chaney/Smart using him on 1st down in that series in last year’s SECCG, which culminated with the failed fake punt…also with Fields in the key role. One half of the plays in that critical series featured a player who had barely demonstrated more than the ability to run the clock out in mop up duty. Justin Fields may well develop into a top flight QB but last year he was a negative to the UGA team, but Fromm kept his head above the distractions.

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    • Tony Barnfart

      This !


    • Russ

      Yep, I agree. I don’t know how committed Fields was to learning his position but the coaches didn’t help the offense with the strange and disruptive substitution schedule they used. All it did was break any momentum we had.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        Let’s not forget the negative and divisive influence Fields had in the locker room. I recall the video of him complaining after a Dawgs win because he wasn’t happy with his role. I also strongly believe he was a big part of Jadon Hasselwood (sp) decommitting and quickly turning sour on UGA because Fields put a bug in his hear. Kid is a tremendous athlete who has a greatly inflated opinion of himself. Very glad to see Fromm’s heads down approach sent him packing – it was the best thing for all involved.


  2. Jake was a 4-star by 247, 4-star by ESPN, 5-star by Rivals and generally regarded as the #3 pro-style QB in his class (Davis Mills was the #1 pro-style). It’s not like he was chopped liver as a prospect himself. He came in and prepared as a early entrant. He got a chance due to Eason’s injury and never looked back. Fields never had a chance to take the job from Jake, and I think Jake knew it.

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  3. Biggus Rickus

    His rate stats are pretty gaudy. He hasn’t been perfect, and there were certainly some growing pains early that first year. However, Georgia hasn’t had a QB as good at ball placement as Fromm. If he were to improve his accuracy over the middle and get rid of the occasional WTF moments, he’d be almost perfect.


  4. It’s all good except maybe for that pink bowtie. As Daryl Hall said, “I can’t go for that”.


  5. dawgman3000

    Yeah, he ran Fields off sure enough. Better pray Fromm stays healthy.


  6. HiAltDawg

    If Fromm runs off another 5 Star QB, he might be named University of Florida Recruiting Coordinator for life?

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  7. Classic City Canine

    I’m still salty about running Sasser off, especially after baseball got embarrassed in the postseason. A suspension would have been a better fit for the crime.


    • Jack Klompus

      Yikes. I think (hope) we live in a world where using that expletive is no longer acceptable, on any level. And frankly, I’m proud that my alma mater kicked him out. Contrary to what some may think, I do believe in free speech, but it goes both ways. The University if speaking. They’re laying down the law, that if you are a representative of UGA- which in my mind scholarship athletes are, then you don’t use that type of language. And if you do, you will no longer represent the University.

      And if anyone reading this uses that word, you should stop. Just stop.

      Sorry for going off-topic.


      • Jim

        I agree with you. But my kids listen to hip hop music and “that word” is used ALL THE TIME. I find myself having to tell my kids occasionally, unlike normal course curse words they may hear from their mother and I occasionally, “that word” can never, ever, ever be muttered under any circumstances.


  8. That Dude

    Fuck Justin Fields


  9. Pacific plate

    Exactly. The words that ran fields off…

    Number and Two


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    I thought Kirby, Fromm, Thomas and Reed did a good job with their interviews. Although they improvised a bit from the basic “I’m just happy to be here” and “We take em one game at a time”, I think Crash Davis would approve.


  11. Dale Jones

    We still haven’t won the natty…thats the bottom line…& we will not win the national with Fromm @ the helm…Fields was what we needed