Your next pair of sneakers

A reader alerted me to Nike’s next offering, coming July 22nd:

Screenshot_2019-07-17 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Georgia Men's Running Shoe - Hibbett US

That’s not bad looking at all.

Like everything else football related these days, the price keeps going up.  This one’s $130 for the pair.  Like what you see?


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18 responses to “Your next pair of sneakers

  1. stoopnagle

    I’m running in Pegasus 35’s at the moment. They’re serviceable runners, so yeah I’m actually going to think about these this time around.


  2. Rival

    I think I bought the 2017 ones last year. They squeak when I walk in them.


  3. Joelbond

    Wrong color red, aren’t they? Hopefully it’s just the picture.


  4. I got the 2018s. Before all the Nike drama.


  5. Argondawg

    Ugh. Now that is an ugly sneaker. Not big on Nike’s durability.


  6. I do not buy anything Nike


    • UnderDog68

      Same here. I run about 3 miles a day, 5 times a week. The last pair of Nikes I owned weren’t up for the challenge…..they had holes in the soles within about 9 months. I went to Brooks shoes. Not only do they last longer, they were way more comfortable….It was like putting my foot in a velvet glove. I’ll never own another pair of Nikes.

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      • Tony Barnfart

        doing the math, 585 miles is probably more than what you should expect or allow if you’re running on pavement much at all.


      • Prosticutor

        The only reason I ever have to wear a sneaker is for running or the gym. If you really are a runner, go with the Altra. I just switched over to their Torin. Amazing difference. The mainstream brands in most US stores, i.e. Merrell, Nike, Brooks, aren’t worth the slave labor used to make them.


  7. CB

    Best ones yet.


  8. tbia

    I hope Kaepernick doesn’t find them offensive


  9. RangerRuss

    I’m sure my sweet wife will be rockn those.


  10. Big G

    I’ll have to check with Kaepernick to see if he approves. Evidently Nike gets his approval on everything they make😡


    • The Dawg abides

      I know you’re halfway joking, but there is something on the shoe he’d probably object to with a little digging. I’ll let you guys figure it out. 🤔


    • Mayor

      Well the G stands for Georgia and we all know that Georgia was a slave state and part of the Confereracy so Colin HAS to be offended and Nike MUST take those shoes off the market.


  11. These are terrible looking. Wear some loafers to the game like you have some self respect!


  12. Eh, it’s ok. The swoosh is so big they couldn’t even fit it all on the shoe. I haven’t had a pair of nikes in years anyway. They fall apart. Brooks for me too.


  13. HiAltDawg

    wait until they’re discounted at Academy Sports in October (the past two years). It’s actually funny, because I wear the ’18s to Ramsey to work out in.