Brad and Gary preview

If you’re looking to get in the SEC mood, here’s the CBS duo with some early takes on the upcoming season.


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5 responses to “Brad and Gary preview

  1. Jack Klompus

    Did we need a reminder of how bad LeCounte tackles? Here’s hoping LSU steps up. I want to play Bama in the SECCG, but would rather beat them one time and get their asses knocked out.


    • Greg

      Everybody gets beat every now & then, whether it is in coverage or a missed tackle. Can’t think of too many, if any that seems to be around the ball on every play that has played at UGA (positioning)…..other than Roquan.

      LeCounte is a talent, a gamer and it will prove out when he decides tom make himself eligible. He will go somewhere in the 1st two rounds, have seen as high as the first.

      Glad we have him, wish we had more like him on ‘D.


  2. Russ

    Wait, so that other dude is going to be in the booth too? Who is he?

    And Brad can shut his stupid mouth – Jake is too coming back next season! Hopefully to defend his MNC.


  3. sectionzalum

    Let’s preview Brad and Gary…

    Brad: a blessing.

    Gary: like last season, will not have the courtesy to learn players’ names. Who is ‘Eric’ Nauta?


  4. Otto

    There is no Justin Fields behind Fromm… I’ll take the 2 guys behind Fromm now over Fields.