Losing the plot

All this recruiting vs. development crap misses a big point — sure, it’s nice to win a “which team had more players drafted” debate, but ultimately, that’s not what they’re paying Mullen and Smart the big bucks for.

This is.

I’ll take a wins gap over a draft pick gap every day of the week and twice on Saturdays.


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  1. How does Michigan have so many draft picks and such an underachieving product on the field? It’s hard to believe Khaki Pants isn’t on the nation’s hottest seat entering 2021.

    As for Dopey, he’s Mr. 8-4.

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  2. Ran A

    If you didn’t know enough about college football, bashing it strictly on win % verses draft picks, you could argue that Clemson and Oklahoma over achieved, while Michigan and Florida under-achieved. What does Clemson and Oklahoma have in common? Quarterbacks. Get the right QB or QB’S in and it can cure a lot of ills. Trask saved Mullen. Dabo isn’t near as successful, if it is not for two Georgia QB’S that he recruited in. In fact, I would argue that without those two QB’S – there is no Natty at Clemson during his tenure. You, of course, have to all most of the rest of the pieces, starting at the LOS, but you can cover a lot of holes with the right QB. Watch how different the Gators O-Line looks this year without Trask getting it out of his hands so quickly (and accurately).

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    • ASEF

      What does Clemson and Oklahoma have in common? A laughable conference schedule

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      • At least OU has to play against teams that you know are going to score a time of points, so losing in a shootout is always a possibility. Clemson’s ACC schedule is absurdly soft and allows them to play themselves into form every year.


  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Add Texas, USC, Auburn, A&M, FSU and Oregon – that is your Super NCAA league.
    Back to the list of 10, no amount of playoff expansion is going to significantly change it


  4. 79dawg

    As the team at the top all the lists shows, recruiting and development aren’t in opposition or in tension; in fact, harmonizing the two into a whole is how you get to the top….
    This is such a myopic topic, fodder only for hot taek artists to try and generate ratings and clicks….


    • Saban isn’t the best game day coach. Some of the losses to Auburn were directly the result of poor decisions from the sidelines. He told the Alabama people he wasn’t the best coach, but no one would outwork him in recruiting and preparation. That’s exactly what he has built – the best prepared group of Jimmies and Joes in the game.

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      • RangerRuss

        That’s the Process. Diligence beats shiftless talent most of the time. My hope is that somewhere in that maniac head Dawg the Get-back Guy is holding by the belt is a latent genius. Kirby sure works hard enough.


      • charlottedawg

        The more I watch college football the more I’m convinced that 90% of what wins or loses a game occurs before the ball is ever kicked off: assembling a staff, talent identification, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, recruiting, player development, strength and conditioning, game prep and installation, oh and did I mention recruiting? Nobody does a better job at those things than saban which more than compensates for saban not being the best play caller or in game strategist.


        • Absolutely … I go back to the 2004 LSU game in Sanford and the national championship game with Clemson (the Lawrence one). When he ran up against a QB who was dropping dimes on his defense, he made no effective in-game adjustments. Of course, he did make the QB change in the 2018 championship game (I don’t count the 2019 SECCG because Tua got hurt).

          He wins games by what he does the remaining 350 or so days of the year.


  5. Biggen

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t give a damn how many players for UGA (or anyone for that matter) get drafted. Not watching/caring about the NFL is probably one of my smarter decisions…

    It’s wins in CFB that I care about.

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  6. cowetadawg

    Hey Miami, trade your slot here with Clemson for its wins?


  7. Godawg

    I like how Jamie Newman’s decision to sit out the 2020 season to maintain his draft status worked out for him: https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/eagles-udfa-jamie-newman-draft-20210502.html


  8. timberridgedawg

    We’re #6 on the list and the only team that has to go through 1, 3, and 5 just to make a playoff game.

    And you wonder why OU, tOSU, and Clemson are always in the playoffs?

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  9. Russ

    Saban is the GOAT and riding high now. I do think he probably does a better job than Kirby at development, but I also think there’s a little confirmation bias going on as well with the NFL. “Alabama is the best team, therefore their players must be the best, therefore I must draft those players.”

    Kirby has the recruiting down, and he’s getting better as a game day coach and at developing talent. We’re very close to breaking through and when we do, we’ll win multiple championships. When that happens, I’ll bet his players will start getting drafted higher.

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  10. The Decider

    Clempson with that win % sure has nothing to do with their conference.

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  11. On the other hand it sure makes the gap between us and Bama more apparent.

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  12. siskey

    Clemson, Oklahoma, and Ohio State have a much easier path to the playoffs but 79% against the SEC is pretty damn good.

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