The Egg Bowl abides.

How it started:

How it’s going:

Yeah, those kids should be pumped.


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43 responses to “The Egg Bowl abides.

  1. classiccitycanine

    As the Senator likes to say, “Unless something significantly changes” is doing a lot of heavy lifting. That sure sounds like he was jonesing for another job, but didn’t like the offer. Real sign of stability there.

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  2. RangerRuss

    Joey Freshwater?
    I wouldn’t let him be my latex salesman.

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  3. Ran A

    What is the one thing that all CFB HC’s Want? Control Control Control


    • Down Island Way

      Unle$$ $omething $ignificant change$, just trying to read between the lines here, would say Joey’s time limit is about up, it’s moving day (friday)…

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      • Ran A

        Reading a post by a guy who lives in Auburn that’s a Dawg Fan and did ‘not’ claim this to be 100%.

        Apparently the offer is $9MM a year – and Ole Miss Matched.

        The next concern was NIL – and apparently Ole Miss has matched.

        Guess it could still go either way, but there is some thinking that he may stay now.

        Lot of folks believe he has his eye on Tuscaloosa down the road. That might be the final incentive to stay where he is.

        Who knows…

        I hope he stays and the Pirate wins tonight and they keep those two in-state. It’s one of the more fun rivalry’s.

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        • HirsuteDawg

          I believe that The Laner has a bigger goal in mind – Last coach to leave ‘Ol Miss for Auburn finagled himself into an Alabama senatorship. Senator Freshwater has a ring to it. And he has to be smarter than Wingnut.

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      • whb209

        Down Island Way,
        That is what I think that message said.


  4. prosticutor

    We all knew it was only a matter of time, but I woke up today hearing Hugh Freeze’s name. #dropphoneU

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  5. practicaldawg

    He gone

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  6. cowetadawg

    Man, if he’s considering AU, he’s a fool if he doesn’t lay down a Jimbo-style contract and say take or leave it. AU has zero leverage. So, after AU eventually realizes no big names are coming, maybe it caves and bets the farm on Jr. I think I’ll make some popcorn for Thanksgiving.

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  7. fisheriesdawg

    On a similar note, I woke up this morning and told my wife that I plan on staying with her unless a significantly richer and hotter woman starts pursuing me.

    Gonna be on the couch for a few weeks, I imagine.

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  8. If my girlfriend asked me, “Are you sticking around?” and my answer was “Yeah, probably,” all my shit would be on the front lawn within an hour.

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  9. debbybalcer

    If he goes to Auburn he has learned absolutely nothing since he left Tn and he and Auburn deserve to crash and burn.

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  10. Jr posted another ode to Saban this morning on Twitter. He’s holding out for the Bama job unless told it’s never happening and if my coach posted something like that I’d want him fired for cause.

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  11. Could someone tell me why is so wanted as a coach?

    A 9-3 type of guy – hell, Auburn had a classier version of that with Gus. He and Auburn deserve each other. I hope Ole Miss hires Cadillac and he beats the brakes off of Lane and Auburn.

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  12. NotMyCrossToBear

    That is the one time I feel comfortable saying a player got his coach fired

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  13. Muscogee

    Unless something significant changes, lots of wiggle room there


  14. 81Dog

    I want this to be true largely because all the smug AF AU fans around here who have been crowing about Lane being in the bag, and all the fabulous shit he’s going to do as AU HC, are going to have to swallow a lot of abuse. They’re probably going to get whoever this year’s version of Jeremy Pruitt is. FTMF.


    • HirsuteDawg

      Lane need to consider if he wants to be top dog at ‘Ol Miss or Mr. Yellawood’s bitch at Auburn. Adoration of the masses in Oxford or getting the yellowood shaft applied regularly in Auburn. Hope some lubricant comes with that cash.


  15. The yearly battle between shit and vomit to see who stinks less. MSU hasn’t won an SEC title since before Pearl Harbor. OM hasn’t won one since JFK was assassinated. Tulane and Georgia Tech have more recent SEC football titles than Miss State.

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  16. pansythedawg

    I bet Tebow jerks off every night in his Florida jersey while crying and repeating “I am a good quarterback.”

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  17. 123 Fake St

    I’m going to add, “Unless something significantly changes..” to my LinkedIn profile.



  18. Russ

    The Laner blew their chance to win calling back to back time outs before the missed 2-point conversion. If he’d kept two time outs, Miss State would have had to give Ole Miss a shot at a FG to win.

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