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TFW it’s not a bidness decision

The subtext is strong in this one, Obi Wan.



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Low noon

Clean, old-fashioned hate will occupy its usual time slot this season.

Off the top of your head, what game on that list would you consider the most competitive?  Florida-FSU, maybe?


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Monday ticket exchange

It’s Kentucky Week.  Got tickets to sell?  Need tickets to buy?  Share your wants and needs in the comments.


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Requiem for a cowbell

This time, I’ll let Mike Leach have the final word.

Leach was asked after the game about how his program can catch up to Georgia’s.

“First of all,” he said, “I think I’ll ask every other team in the nation that’s below them what their thoughts are.”


UPDATE:  By the way, if there’s ever been a fly on the wall moment this season, this has to be it,


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10-0, or how I learned to live with gunslingin’.

  • Coxian (adj.) – a type of “what, me worry?” on-field decision by a player who should know better that leads to disaster, e.g.“I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…” — GTP Lexicon

My fellow Dawgs, what we have with Stetson Bennett is a significantly more talented and capable Joe Cox.  Although it’s taken me a while to get there, I’m fine with that.

Those three or four times a game that make me wince or maybe even yell at my TV screen over some boneheaded decision, like this…

… or, even more egregious, times like that deep throw into coverage to McConkey when he had Washington wide open and in his line of sight?  Eh, I’ve gone from hoping it can be coached out of him to hoping he survives the play.  (You know what?  Most of the time, Stetson does.)

The reason I do is because it feels like I can count on him doing things like this to utterly redeem himself:

You also get this as part of the deal:

… Georgia QB Stetson Bennett. In 3rd down and 4-to-9 yards to go — the toughest throws in a game — Bennett is completing 74.2 percent of his passes.

But when you dive deeper into the situational throws, the numbers are more impressive. Bennett has completed 26-of-35 passes in 3rd and 4-9 to go, and 22 of those completions went for first downs.

That means 63 percent of the time, Bennett completes the toughest throws in the game for a first down. Moreover, 9 of those completions went for 15-plus yards, and 2 for 25-plus.

In sum, the pluses far outweigh the minuses.  Just look at the record.  As Graham put it, “forcing Stetson Bennett to beat your defense is no longer a viable way to stress UGA.”  I can live with that, easily even, notwithstanding the occasional shouty moments.  Really.


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You can take the Dawg out of Georgia…

… but there are some things you can’t take out of Mark Richt.  Like this:


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SEC Power Poll, Week 11

Another wacky week in America’s favorite conference…

  1. Georgia.  In conference play, the Dawgs are outscoring the opposition by 27 points a game.
  2. Tennessee.  I haz a question.
  3. LSU.  I can’t say Harold Perkins Jr. is the best defensive player in the SEC, but he’s already on the shortlist.
  4. Alabama.  Give ’em credit — the Tide went on the road with nothing to play for but pride and did just that.
  5. Ole Miss.  Sometimes you eat the fourth down conversions, and sometimes the fourth down conversions eat you.
  6. Florida.  Since the dismissal of Brenton Cox, the Gators have notched two conference wins and are playing some of their best ball of the season.  Addition by subtraction, for the win!
  7. Mississippi State.  We’re getting into the “meh, somebody’s gotta go here” part of the rankings.
  8. Arkansas.  It’s going to be a disappointing year for the Hogs, but they fought hard against LSU despite having a bunch of players out.
  9. South Carolina.  Losing three fumbles in four snaps generally isn’t going to result in winning football.
  10. Kentucky.  The Will Levis Experience is ending with a whimper, not a bang.
  11. Auburn. The joy on display after the win was so real that I can’t bring myself to mock it.  I’m getting soft in my old age, I guess.
  12. Missouri.  Drinkwitz gets a $2 million a year raise to totally botch clock management at the end of the first half?  America, what a country!
  13. Vanderbilt.  They blew the Admiral.
  14. Texas A&M.  TAMU isn’t going bowling this season, but UConn is.


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TFW you have a competent offensive coordinator

How it started:

How it’s going:

Sometimes the secret to success is simply not beating your head against the wall.


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Good morning, College Station!

Today’s thought for today:

I guess that’s why you pay him the big bucks.


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SEC Net YPP, Week 10

If you like talking about gaps between Georgia and other SEC teams, you’re gonna love this week’s numbers.

  • Georgia 2.63 (7.10 o; 4.47 d) [NC:  -.05]
  • Alabama 2.19 (6.65 o; 4.46 d) [NC:  -.30]
  • Tennessee 1.94 (7.27 o; 5.33 d) [NC:  +.24]
  • Ole Miss 1.28 (6.47 o; 5.19 d) [NC:  -.12]
  • Florida .79 (6.79 o; 6.00 d) [NC:  +.05]
  • LSU .68 (5.94 o; 5.33 d) [NC:  +.03]
  • South Carolina .28 (5.78 o; 5.50 d) [NC:  -.23]
  • Auburn .23 (5.66 o; 5.43 d) [NC:  +.10]
  • Texas A&M .18 (5.55 o; 5.37 d) [NC:  -.17]
  • Kentucky .16 (5.42 o; 5.26 d) [NC:  -.12]
  • Arkansas -.01 (6.16 o; 6.17 d) [NC:  -.05]
  • Mississippi State -.03 (5.51 o; 5.54 d) [NC:  -.23]
  • Missouri -.08 (5.27 o; 5.39 d) [NC:  -.50]
  • Vanderbilt -1.17 (5.57 o; 6.74 d) [NC:  +.21]

Turnover margin:

  • +9:  Tennessee
  • +8:  Florida
  • +4:  LSU, Mississippi State
  • +1:  Vanderbilt
  • -0-:  Texas A&M
  • -2:  Arkansas, Georgia
  • -4:  Kentucky
  • -5:  Alabama, Missouri
  • -7:  South Carolina
  • -10:  Auburn


  • It was just last week I was wondering how long it would be before other teams would join Vandy with negative net ypp marks.  Mississippi State and Missouri both play cupcakes this week, so they may dodge the bullet still by season’s end, but Arkansas may not be so lucky.
  • Alabama is closer to Tennessee than it is to Georgia.  Ole Miss is closer to Florida than it is to Tennessee.
  • South Carolina is at the conference’s midpoint.
  • LSU is going to Atlanta, having beaten out Ole Miss, whose net ypp is twice that of LSU, and Alabama, whose net ypp is triple that of LSU.
  • You know, I can remember a time when Tennessee and Florida leading the SEC in turnover margin would have filled me with despair.


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