Friday morning buffet

The tidbits, the tidbits!

  • So how’s that whole Dream Team thing working out?
  • Malik Ramik Wilson progresses at inside linebacker.
  • Of all the lists I’ve seen, this is certainly one of them.
  • Mike Gundy almost left Oklahoma State for Tennessee because of non-conference scheduling.
  • Tony Barnhart wants you to know something:  “The SEC West is the toughest division in the toughest college football conference in America. This is not debatable.”  They don’t call him Mr. Conventional Wisdom for nothing, folks.
  • Florida State’s DeMarcus Walker claims Alabama jammed him up with the NCAA.  Is there anything to that?  John Infante says the Tide had the means, but there’s no way to know about the motive.
  • Todd Gurley was banged up at the end of last season… not that you could have known from his production on the field.
  • Jeez, this is a creepy story.


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28 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Heathbar09

    Ramik* Wilson. Or am I missing something?

    • You’re not. Brain fart on my part. Thanks for the catch.

      • Heathbar09

        No problem. My boss says I’m good for something a couple of times a year.

        • 202dawg

          Your screen name just made me instantly crave a Heath Bar Blizzard from DQ. Thanks for that…

      • Cojones

        Don’t worry, Bluto, they will get more and more frequent in a rather insidious manner. However, help is on the way. I’m working toward a “Brain Fart Beano” that is taken just before you forget/screw up. The only tough part is remembering to take it, just like food Beano.

  2. RedDawg13

    Playing Mississippi State one year vs playing Bama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina every year? Good decision coach.

  3. Heathbar09

    As much as I hate to say it, I don’t see why GPOOE isn’t #1. I mean, his pet name implies it.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    I am now stupider for having skimmed that QB list. Fine, if winning the BCS title game automatically makes you a better QB then I will accept some of the name at the top of that list. But Eric Crouch above Greene and Murray? And there are so many other dumb rankings there too. I spent 45 seconds on it and closed the window. There are too many better things to do than worry about ridiculous lists.

  5. Gaz

    Tony B is one of the dumbest commentators in college football.

    No debate? Really? The SEC finished with 3 teams in the top 10, the West finished with 2 teams.

    he’s stupid.

  6. Gaz

    Sec East finished with 3 top 10 teams, West only had 2.

  7. Gaz

    I forgot about Vandy, that gives the East 4 top 25 teams, where the West had 3.

    No debate?

  8. Dog in Fla

    How Tony Bagels thinks the Syracuse Sex, Lies and Videotapes would have been different if hot women, rather than guys and Laurie Fine, were involved and the film study took place in the parish of LSU

  9. Cojones

    Infante’s reasoning about Bama being the culprit is good and then he went further to say most schools will use that inside certification info as revenge. Damn!

  10. Cousin Eddie

    Gundy is scared FSU and MSU can keep him from a shot at the Nat champ, so he wants to go to the SEC to earn a shot very rational. if you can’t beat FSU and MSU now you won’t win enough in the SEC to earn a shot. Now there is a coach that enjoys his cupcakes.

    • Dog in Fla

      Ted Gundy is a man. He’s 45. He likes his diet.

      • Scott

        Gundy’s defenses are always bad. He has to score 40+ to win games. He won’t ever win a title until he changes that.

        • Dog in Fla

          Good point. He’s at a wrestling school though. Notwithstanding that, some will always remember and never forget how I’m a Man and Boone tricked Damon so their wide-receiver could trick Willie.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            That was Okie State AD Mike Holder that reached into Ole Red Panties’ ear and played with his brain. Worst set-up job ever. You could see it coming a mile away-except Damon didn’t.

  11. uglydawg

    The SEC West is strongest? Bama, A&M and LSU..who else? Old Miss, Ms.St., Arkansas, Auburn? The East…UGA, SC, FL…who else? Vandy, Tennessee, Ky and MO….I don’t see a lot of daylight between the two divisions…not enough to support the kind of bloviation Barnhart is putting out. He’s just another parrot that makes a living repeating a worn out meme as if it’s an original thought. How lazy.

    • Macallanlover

      Just another sheep being led by the mouths around CFB. There is no rational explanation for that statement as an absolute. Rankings are a silly way to determine how good teams are on a relative basis (and that is how MNCs are won along with the ranking numbers of all other teams), it is even worse when you extract a short time period to draw from that questionable source.

      Barnhart once deserved respect for his knowledge of CFB, his time with CBS has caused him to regress. Isn’t the number of SEC titles held now even between East and West since the split conference? Although that isn’t a great way to measure success for the entire division it at least says their is some competitive teams in both divisions and the strength varies from year to year.

      • Dog in Fla

        “his time with CBS has caused him to regress.”

        Regression caused by Tony spending too much time around Verne at CBS cocktail parties.

        “Isn’t the number of SEC titles held now even between East and West since the split conference?”

        The less credit Spurrier and Irvin get since 1990, the happier I am.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Once upon a time Barnhart said things about college football that were thoughtful observations. Now he says things for ratings purposes that are total BS. Mr. Conventional Wisdom.

  12. Trbodawg

    Anyone else struck by the differences between how our 2011 Freshman Sensation running back and our 2012 Freshman Sensation running back handled being “beat down some” ? I feel so much better about the direction of ‘our’ program now.