Friday morning buffet

The buffet line be open.

  • If nothing else, the Gator Bowl will feature two good running backs.
  • And with eleven tackles against the Cornhuskers, Ramik Wilson would surpass Thomas Davis (138 in 2003) for the Bulldogs’ most in the Mark Richt era.
  • Why do I have the feeling that one day we’re going to look back at the 2013 season and wonder what all the A.J. McCarron hype was about?
  • Patrick Garbin compares Martinez and Grantham and declares a plague upon both their houses.
  • Here’s a statistical approach to finding a replacement for Mack Brown.  Good luck with that.
  • John Theus, speaking the obvious:  “I really need to step it up and hopefully I can get good offseason work in.”
  • Chase Garnham was sufficiently convinced that Vanderbilt wouldn’t let him play unless he signed a consent form giving the school permission to use his name, image and likeness, that under advice of counsel he signed it “with a note at the bottom of the form expressing my understanding that I had to sign the form in order to play, not just to be eligible.”  Amateurism, you’re the best.
  • If next year’s offensive backfield is too crowded, J.J. Green is more than willing to take his 5’9″ talent to cornerback.
  • Is Christian LeMay gone?


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64 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. TennesseeDawg

    LeMay would have been wise to make the move to WR or DB to garner more playing time. If Bobo/Richt can’t develop you into a QB, you probably aren’t going to be doing it anywhere else either.

  2. Love the way Dagga Roosta goes about searching for a replacement for Mack. I am going to follow his strategy. Makes good sense.

  3. Senator, I agree on McCarron. Other than playing on a great team, I don’t see the love for him by the same media that trashed Aaron Murray at every opportunity.

    Regarding LeMay, I hope he is able to find somewhere he can play. His senior year suspension hurt his development more than anyone will ever know. I wonder if that means his little brother isn’t far behind.

    • HVL Dawg

      As I’ve said before, LeMay was an early enrollee, had a redshirt year plus two more at the UGA Academy for Quarterbacks. I think that more than makes up for 4 months at Butler High School.

      He either came to the wrong system or was an over rated prospect.

      I hope he finds a gig and gets some playing time.

      • He was likely overrated although everyone thought he would have received a 5th star if he had played his senior year. I hope the coaches went to him and said either change positions or look for an opportunity to transfer. It was clear he wasn’t developing in the system. When we signed Ramsey last year and Park this year, the writing was on the wall about LeMay’s future at UGA.

  4. The other Doug

    Anyone know why Lemay is leaving?

  5. Bob Sackamano

    It is what it is…our defense under Mark Richt is not good. We had a few very nice seasons along the way, but for the most part, they are the outliers. Under Richt, there really isn’t much evidence of a tradition of great defenses to return to.

  6. Russ

    McCarron = Gino Toretta.
    If Lemay is gone I can’t blame him. Good luck where ever he lands.

    • Will (the other one)

      No, no, no. The ideal Miami QB comparison is Ken Dorsey. QB with decent size, but no great talent, but surrounded by NFL talent on offense and defense.

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ramik Wilson…that’s the guy I read right here was too slow to play SEC linebacker, right?

    • Ramik’s had a great year. But if there’s a surer play to run against the Georgia defense than a crossing route to a receiver isolated on an ILB, I don’t know what it is. And last time I checked, that’s where he plays.

      • SCDawg

        Except that play at Vandy where he clocked the receiver and separated him from the ball on 4th down, basically saving the game for us. Wait, nevermind. That’s how it should have happened. I am still having a hard time getting over that 4th quarter.

        • Actually, no.

          The receiver wasn’t isolated on RW that play. Wilson was actually covering another receiver and had the presence of mind to switch off and make the hit. Dawson was the player who covered that route.

          • HVL Dawg

            ……Dawson….. Langley….argh…….make the nightmare stop!

          • Dawgwood

            Now why did you have to post that? All those bad feelings of that game just came roaring back. I love the offical seeing the hit right in front of him and then giving the incomplete sign. Next thing we see is the yellow flag graphic in the corner. Ugh, there should be an asterisk by the L in the win loss column.

      • {“… if there’s a surer play to run against the Georgia defense than a crossing route to a receiver isolated on an ILB, I don’t know what it is.”}

        I’m not sure there is an answer for that. If so, I don’t know what it could be. In the single-gap 3-4 you need thumper-type LB’s. We have two, Kimbrough and O’Neal, but didn’t have any until recently. Herrera is, a little bit, and was moreso this year than last.

        But then thumpers are usually not that great in space. If Ramik can’t get it done in space, then it’s unlikely we have anybody else who can. Ramik moves pretty well, but of course that doesn’t mean he can cover in space.

        There’s a few of them out there, guys who can cover and can also thump. Alabama has some. But AFAIK we haven’t recruited any.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    But wait…all the defensive problems are because the offenses are better than the defenses are they not? So, taking this into consideration it seems to me….ah…

  9. Newt

    I finally figured out who I can most relate McCarron to the other day – Brian Griese. Although Toretta (as mentioned above) is another excellent comparison. I think AJ has a longer pro career than Toretta, though.

  10. Heathbar09

    I feel that JJ Green will be our next Richard Samuel. And I mean that in a good way. Putting The G above himself and doing whatever he can to help the team succeed. Gurley and Marshall are returning coupled with the income of 2 top RB recruits, he can see the writing on the wall. I’m happy to hear he isn’t whining about it and is prepared to go wherever he needs to to help out. And with the season the DBs had this year, they could use some help from JJ.

  11. Will Trane

    QBs. McCarron is a very good QB. Managed the offensive of one of the top teams the past 2-3 years. It is BS to say he was surrounded by great players. He made Bama a #1. The Bama players were directed by a great QB. He’d get my vote any time. Go back and look at the LSU and UGA games last year.

  12. Will Trane

    QBs. McCarron and Murray played in the SEC. There is a big freaking difference in those Ds and those in ACC. What do you think these guys #s would like if they were in the ACC. They would have shattered and set all time records against those ACC secondaries. FSU has a solid QB, but let’s see how he fares over the next seasons.

  13. Macallanlover

    AJ McCarron seems like a great young man, but I never thought of him as a great QB. All the conversation regarding him is about how many rings/titles he has, it is the exact same number as the backups and walk-ons at Bama during that same period…football is a team game. I understand he was the starting QB and that is a critical spot, I am not denying he was capable. And I hope he succeeds at the next level. If I look at 2012 as an example, he faced three quality QBs: Murray, Mettenberg, and Manziel, I think he was outplayed in all three games (and that was Zach’s only really good game.) AJ finishing 2nd in the Heisman race says all you need to know about what that award has become.

    • Yeah, I agree. It’s a popularity/hype contest now. Occasionally, you get the outstanding player of that particular year, like Johnny last year.

      McCarron is a fine college QB, more of a field general/game manager (whatever you call it) than anything else, and a guy that rarely makes a bad mistake. Perfect for Alabama’s system.

      But he’s not anything close to being the best player in the country.

      • Will (the other one)

        Fun stat: compare McCarron’s 4th quarter against a not-that-good Auburn D with Murray’s. Then laugh even more at the “AJ: Heisman finalist” nonsense.

  14. Will Trane

    QBs . Sittin out or on the sidelines. Not sure how LeMay’s not playing HS seniot year impacted his progression on the depth chart. Did it set him back. Well, hell, ask Mason if sitting behind Murray hurt him. How does that explain Bauta’s progression. There is a down side to not playing time, but it is not fatal.

  15. Will Trane

    QBs. Posted early and thru out season why Dawgs had so many QBs on roster. Scout team and depth re injury, game plan, and etc. But they had alot. LeMay leaves that still leaves Dawgs with 4. 2 with more reps, but very little experience. Think it is good Mason is playing in GB against Nebraska. UN has some good D coaches and saw our O last year.

  16. hassan

    Christian LeMay wasn’t dismissed from the team. So that rules out playing for Auburn or LSU in the future.

  17. Will Trane

    QBs. Ramsey. Saw him play several games, Dome, playoffs, and etc. Played in wing T with Green [people can play down Green all they want but he is a solid, hard running back]. Wonder how Ramsey would fit at Auburn now. Has quick hands and feet, plus size and speed. Smart player plus can punt and kick FGs.

    • All true. But I doubt Ramsey would want to kiss a possible pro career goodbye by playing in Auburn’s system.

      I wouldn’t have thought he was that good of a runner, i.e., a special runner, which is what Malzahn likes. But you’ve seen more of him running the ball than I have.

      He does have an NFL arm, a really impressive arm. And he throws a beautiful ball. He has enough size. I just hope he has everything else. If so, he’s not going to outwork Bauta, but he CAN outplay him.

      Nothing against Bauta, but I’d like to see Ramsey progress to an elite level.

  18. Will Trane

    QBs. Would say UGA has some very good ones with Mason, Bauta, Ramsey, and Parker. How LeMay feels about that competition is his decision. All players in all sports have different skills and progression. Saw Mason and Ramsey’s skills and arms in high school games. There are reason why CMR and MB signed them up.

  19. Will Trane

    McCarron. He is very good. That is why Santa Claus has been coming to see him last year and again this year. Just look at the girl on his arm. He has more rings than she does…he earned his.

  20. Bob Sackamano envious/jealous were you of Saban when he got to jump into McCarron’s arms?

  21. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Winston has the same benefit at FSU that a lot of B12 QBs have had over the years: WRs who physically dominate the coverages they face. A lot of QBs would have put up Winston’s numbers this year on that team, including McCarron. On the flip side, McCarron has had the benefit of throwing against a lot of defenses with 8 or 9 guys in the box. I understand the tendency to explain McCarron’s success in terms of the team around him. I just don’t get why Winston isn’t subject to the same sort of analysis.

    McCarron’s 2013 recognition is career achievement recognition, plus a little backlash against Manzeil/Winston tabloid-ism. I personally don’t have a problem with it.

    • Joe Schmoe

      If ur going the career route, why not give it to the guy who now holds pretty much every meaningful SEC passing record?

    • Bulldawg165

      McCarron also had one of college football’s best offensive lines for most years. Plenty of QBs can make the good throws when they have all day

    • I don’t have a problem with it, either. McCarron has earned recognition. But he isn’t close to being the best player in the country, IMO. Of course, neither is Winston, as you aptly point out.

      • I better clarify, since some people here have a way of not getting the picture.

        I don’t mean to put Winston in the same class as McCarron. So I’m not saying that Winston isn’t close to being the best player in the country. That was for McCarron.

        Winston is obviously one of the best QB’s in the land, and one of the best players.

  22. NoAxeToGrind

    McCarron’s a good college QB but won’t make it in the NFL. Better then Tebow but still not good enough. He’ll hang around for a few years and then dissappear into the underworld of QB’s that didn’t make it, never to be heard from again.

  23. Tim Jennings and TIm Wansley both were 5’8″. So JJ should have a shot a 5’9″. Didn’t he have an offer from Stanford to play db?

  24. W Cobb Dawg

    I like JJ at RB. He’s explosive and tough, and ran well inside and outside.

    I think the D coaches need to step up their recruiting and quit begging O players to switch.

  25. I think McCarron was the “safe” candidate in this year’s Heisman race. Was he the most talented player in college football? No. But he was an excellent candidate in reserve in case front runner was arrested at the last minute.

    Will we look back and wonder what all the hype was about?

    Is quarterbacking two national title teams and being the best quarterback to ever play for one of college football’s most significant programs so easily dismissed nowadays?

    As CFB fans, our perspective shouldn’t be distorted by a player’s time in the NFL. Sure, it’s great if they have a long pro career, but our fondest memories will always be when they wore our colors and represented our team.

    If we simply “look back and wonder what all the hype is about” should the SEC’s career passing leader ever be considered again? Though he was a good quarterback, he really never won anything, right?

    No, that’s not how it works.

  26. JRW7

    A J only had 10 Interceptions and 3 losses and 2 NC for his 4 seasons at Bama and AM had 26 Interceptions and 16 losses and Zero NC his 4 years seasons at UGA! Big difference!