Thursday morning buffet

The shipment from Destin has arrived.  Dig in.



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11 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Spike

    I’m really sorry to read that about Coach Jones. I’ve met him several times at UGA. He was always a perfect gentleman, and treated my son and family like we were part of his family. He was always on the level with us about my son and his recruitment at UGA. It’s too long a story to relate here, but suffice it to say, my son and our family will always be grateful and indebted to Coach Jones for what he did for us. UGA is losing a real asset and a credit to the Athletic Department. Good Luck, Coach.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Odd D Jones is leaving.


    • Yeah I thought that was odd too. And maybe I’m reading more between the lines than is really there, but I kinda got the impression it wasn’t really his choice, even though it was announced as him resigning. I wish him luck, hope he lands on his feet somewhere good.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        I wish him well. Philly Jones was another HS coach/AD that spent time at Georgia and is now the HC at Shorter College. I got to know Philly while he was at Winder. Maybe D Jones is looking to move into the coaching ranks at the college level.


      • I kinda got the impression it wasn’t really his choice …..

        That’s the impression I got as well. I’ve talked a good deal about the changes that have taken place in recruiting so far this year, and they’ve been significant. So I’m really wondering what this is all about. It looks like something fundamental to me.


  3. Bob

    You mention tie breaker rules changes. When I go to the link all I get is some CBS Big Brother stuff. Can you hilite what the changes are?


    • Not the whole article, but here’s the first 3 paragraphs which basically sums it up (and I can open the link on my phone, but I get the same Big Brother thing on my laptop. The other day it was happening on my phone too with a CBSSports link Senator was using. Not sure what the deal is):

      DESTIN, Fla. — The SEC is leaning toward using cross-divisional schedule strength to break ties for teams to advance to the league’s championship game, sources told

      Such a method would be at the bottom of a lengthy list of tiebreakers. But this being the SEC and football in the South, such things matter — a lot. A change has to be made with the end of the BCS and beginning of the College Football Playoff era. The league previously used the BCS standings to break ties to decide a division.

      Going forward, if a divisional tie could not be broken through that lengthy tiebreaker list, then the schedule strength of each team’s two opponents from the opposite division would be evaluated.


      • PTC DAWG

        So obviously it only comes into play with a 3 way tie or better where one team has not beaten the others head to head. Sounds reasonable to me.


        • Yeah, but man, I don’t know how you even begin to establish criteria for that, that everyone will agree on. Seems to me it would be a whole lot cleaner to just pick another of the polls, like the AP, and use that the same way they used the BCS poll. The article says they can’t use the new CFP Committee poll because that won’t come out until Tuesdays, and the SECCG would be just 4 days later, that would be too long to wait to determine who was playing.

          (The article does say that picking another poll is also a possibility).


          • Macallanlover

            I don’t like it either, the 3 teams involved in the tie have no control over who they play in the other Division that particular year, the Conference controls that. Nor is there any control how those other SEC West teams may perform, or who they face, and when. Bad move if they adopt that.


  4. Bob

    Thanks. Getting the same Big Brother thing on another link as well. Pisses me off.