Chicks love the deep ball, ctd.

That Jake Fromm… what are we gonna do with him?

As long as the run threat remains credible (duh) and the offensive line continues to improve, I don’t expect Fromm’s gonna lose his place there.



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11 responses to “Chicks love the deep ball, ctd.

  1. gastr1

    A lot of that has to do with ball-catching, too, though, so hopefully Godwin is on the end of many of those and Riley and Hardman continue their hands and route-running improvement.


  2. stoopnagle

    What’s Tua? Like, 100%?


  3. Granthams replacemen

    Wims’ absence could be a factor on that stat this year.


    • MGW

      Won’t have an effect on that stat. With that stat, a drop = a completion. It removes the WR’s drops so it basically shows what % of the time the QB got a catchable ball to the receiver. The actual completion % could be zero and the stat wouldn’t change as long as the QB got it there.

      i.e. the QB can’t make them catch it, but how often did he give him a chance?


      • Granthams replacemen

        Yes but the OC trusted Wims so that route was option 1 on the progression. If the OC doesn’t trust the WR (like a jump ball that Wims wins consistently) those routes are further in the progression or just a decoy. I hope Fromm stays high on the list because the WRs are real deep threats.


    • Whiskeydawg

      I’m hoping Robinson from Cal will be cleared; he would be big help in that department. .


  4. Keese

    When the senator makes these preseason prognostications I cringe. Let’s hope he’s right


  5. Fromm is like 2 missed passes from being replaced by Fields of that’s what some would have me believe.


    • MGW

      Very excited about Fields… but it appears many fans have got a record setting case of “everybody loves the backup” right now. Typically the starter has to do something wrong first. We’ve skipped straight past that.


    • Macallanlover

      I am hearing rumors of a depth chart shakeup, but doubt it is at QB, too much of a head start for that in early August. May just be Kirby sending a strong message but there is a ton of young, hungry talent on those practice fields.

      To add to the Senator’s thought, those open receivers due to the strong run game are also faster/better as a group than what Fromm threw to last season. UGA will be very explosive offensively in 2018.


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