Georgia’s football playoff expenses

Marc Weiszer has the numbers here, and they’re fairly pedestrian looking as these things go.  So pedestrian, in fact, that I only have two thoughts in response:

  • Georgia spent $9,410 at the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House as part of its expenses for the national title game.  All at once?
  • One trembles a little mulling over what Michael Adams would have spent — and what he would have spent it on — were he still school president last season.


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38 responses to “Georgia’s football playoff expenses

  1. paul

    Well, there are 172 players and coaches listed on the official roster but I’m sure there’s a lot more folks joining in when it’s time to put on the feed bag. Maybe they fed the Redcoat band too.


  2. barneydawg

    Adams would have given the 200 guests in his suite their own personal big screen TV so they could check out the replays. The swag bags would have had Dom Perignon and a gift card for a Buckhead condo.

    I hope the only thing ever named for him on campus is the sewage treatment plant.

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  3. Bright Idea

    If Adams were still prez this would have never happened. He was the brakeman on the football program simply because he didn’t like the “football crowd.” His words not mine.


  4. Mayor

    Re: Mike Adams…..His spending would have been on private jets and rooms at the Ritz for himself, his family and his entourage plus lavish private parties for same, before, during and after the games. Limousines to carry him and his crowd around would be a given. Then, of course, there would be the commemorative oil painting of Adams at the Rose Bowl. Master of all he surveys!


  5. JG Shellnutt

    Wonder if they went through the drive-thru for that order or if they had to go inside to pick it up


    • Bulldog Joe

      No doubt – the drive thru.

      Getting some of our linemen, coaches, band members, and alumni through that little door would have been an unacceptable liability risk for The Georgia Way.


  6. ApalachDawg

    Adams the single worst hire for our university. How this man ever got our gig is beyond me.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Kevin Ramsey is a close 2nd


    • 81Dog

      the HOPE scholarship money produced students, higher stats for those students, and buckets of money for UGA. For Adams to claim credit for most of it is like a rooster claiming credit for the sunrise. What an arrogant narcissist. UGA is way better off with him gone.

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  7. ChiliDawg

    Works out to something like $45 a head if you figure around 200 people. With catering fees included I’m sure. The normal person will spend $10-12 for just a little ol’ meal at Chick-fil-A these days (they’ve gotten really expensive) so a football player probably eat at least $25 worth of food in a meal.


    • ugafidelis

      Yeah I don’t think Isaiah Wilson et al were just getting the 4 piece nuggets off the value menu. Them boys gotta eat!


    • RandallPinkFloyd

      That’s a bit misleading. A #1 combo is less than $8. CFA has gotten more expensive, but so has everything else.


      • ChiliDawg

        The grilled chicken sandwich combo will cost you about $15. I don’t know where you eat, but I can get a big bowl of Mediterranean from Cava for about $10, or a giant burrito from Qdoba for about the same price. You can get twice as much chicken from Raisin Cane’s for less money.


    • CB

      And you know they order way more than they need. There’s always leftovers when the food is on the Ath Dept. I used to scoop 7 or 8 grilled cool wraps into my bag before they dumped the rest.


  8. I’m sure the numbers are eye popping to some people; especially those who could care less about sports, much less college football. With that said, I’m not sure you can put a number against what the same amount of advertising and publicity would cost to promote the University. This was an easy spend…


  9. 79Dawg

    But which Dwarf House was it??? Inquiring minds want to know…


  10. Russ

    Well, I’d say it’s a near certainty that last season would have never happened if El Douche had still been in power.


    • Mayor

      ^^This. Adams screwed up the Georgia football program with his over-involvement from the day he hit campus. I don’t think it is a coincidence that what is happening now with Georgia football is occurring after he left. That bastard had his foot on the program’s neck for years.


  11. Ellis

    Is the assumption that $9410 is a a large catering bill? There were 391 people in the travel party for just the team, staff, and families to the Rose Bowl, so I would assume that number was the same for the title game. I don’t know if that also includes the band and other officials, but $9410 sounds like a pretty cheap meal.

    As far as Michael Adams goes, he may have opted for Flemings rather than Chick-fil-a!


  12. UGA '97

    Mcgarity still wonders who got the Grilled Chicken club and large chocolate shake

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  13. Athens Dog

    Adams policy to not take into consideration family ties sent thousands of would be Bulldogs to Auburn, Bama, and SC. Tragic mistake that new admin continues


  14. 79Dawg

    I don’t think that is something the Admin has control over anymore…
    Do you think politicians are gonna stand up and tell some Yank in Atlanta that her child can’t go to Georgia even though it has better grades than Tim from Bainbridge because four generations of Tim’s family went to Georgia?
    Those days are “gone with the wind”…


  15. Anonymous

    Does paragraph 13 say we didn’t sell our full allotment of tix to either the Rose or CFP?