LSU AD to School: Drop Dead.

When it comes to college athletics, I like to think I’m at least as cynical as the next guy, but I’ve got to say I was totally unprepared for the sheer blatancy of this:

Times are changing around LSU athletics, as with a new athletics director comes new policy.

And one new policy change under LSU’s new Athletics Director Scott Woodward will affect the university his department is connected to directly.

Under an unprecedented fund-transfer policy initiated by former LSU athletics director Joe Alleva, the LSU athletics department contributed millions of dollars to the academic institution that is LSU. Between 2012 and 2017, LSU athletics contributed nearly $50 million to the university under this policy despite the initial guarantee being just $36 million during that time.

But in an exclusive interview with Tiger Rag, Woodward said that policy will no longer continue under his watch, at least not as it has existed in recent years.

“It’s something that’s very dangerous, when universities rely on recurring money, especially from an auxiliary like the athletic department,” Woodward said. “So no, I think, while I will always support the university in some form or fashion, we can not sustain what we’re currently doing.”

Woodward confirmed his belief that it’s not the athletics department’s responsibility to bail a state school out.

Keep in mind Woodward was asked this in the context of the athletic department shelling out $28 million for its swanky new football operations center while the LSU library, which currently has flood damage among other problems, is the subject of a GoFundMe campaign.

This — an athletic director admonishing the school, which is, let’s not forget, his employer, about finances — is so far beyond a case of the tail wagging the dog that I no longer recognize the animal’s anatomy.  The saddest thing is I suspect nobody in a position of authority in the state of Louisiana will do anything about it.

Remember the old sarcastic line uttered by the president of the University of Oklahoma:  ”We want to build a university our football team can be proud of.”?  Woodward’s just taking that one step further.  LSU’s athletic director doesn’t care what kind of university his department is affiliated with, as long as it’s not a financial drag.

I’ll be curious to see if other ADs decide to march under his banner.  And if any school presidents push back.


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  1. Athletic directors serve at the pleasure of the university president. Unless something has already been worked between parties, the president should fire him today.

    I thought it would be difficult to make Joe Alleva appear in a positive light.


    • School presidents serve at somebody’s pleasure, too. And my bet is those somebodies are football fans.


      • Then he should be fired for being worse at PR than our AD.

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      • 79Dawg

        Yes, and the Board of Regents serve at the pleasure of our politicians, and our politicians serve at the pleasure of, err, mpphh, ummm…. The HL Mencken quote about politicians giving the people what they say they want good and hard, comes to mind…


    • ChiliDawg

      I don’t know who technically has the ultimate say in his tenure, but yeah, he should be fired immediately after making those comments; however the problem is that whoever is over him probably also thinks this way. The state of Louisiana didn’t get fucked up with Woodward’s arrival.

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      • Ricky McDurden

        My understanding is that Woodward operates under the Chancellor of the University system, same as F. King does as University President. So, this seems like a coordinated shot across the bow of the school President by the Chancellor to get the budget in order or else.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    They certainly have their priorities in order.


  3. GruvenDawg

    It looks the their athletic department was transferring $10 million a year to the university. I think we transfer $5 million. Agree with the optics but perhaps the state should fund its flagship university appropriately. If nothing else they could say their doing it for the team…

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    • stoopnagle

      You’re getting close to it. Is F. King Alexander still president at LSU? He’s not dumb. If he’s still there, I’m guessing that he and his AD are working the government on this one.

      Curious how an oil rich state like Louisiana has so little to spend on higher ed…


  4. dawgxian

    Just feeds my cynicism about all of academia. Yes, sports exist for the university and the students. But, that money would just be wasted on stuff like luxury student centers and diversity coordinators. It wouldn’t even make to the self-entitled, tenured, professors much less actual education. This as much as Gus getting a $50M contract for 9 wins has moved me to pro compensation of athletes


    • ChiliDawg

      You lot are ever-creeping toward saying the quiet part out loud.

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    • Something tells me that your definition of actual education and someone else’s might not be the same.


      • dawgxian

        Education- skills that enable you to make a living and move out of your parents’ house. Basically, avoid stuff like religion, history, and grievance studies. If it leads to a job in a coffee shop avoid it


        • You’re referring to a trade school then. Not a thing wrong with that, but that’s not what state funded, plunking universities exist for.

          And those things you mention, particularly history, are components of a classical education that make a college educated person well rounded.


  5. ATL Dawg

    Louisiana is a total shithole.

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  6. Ben

    Here’s a tweet from an LSU prof.


  7. 92 grad

    Ive never understood why athletic departments don’t transfer more to the university general fund. I know that the state and regents have messed up in lousyana plenty, but still, it doesnt make sense to me why millions of dollars are hoarded and spent on ridiculous facilities when the university at large could really do good things with it instead.


    • Got Cowdog

      Good things like what? Cancer research? Geriatric research to prevent or slow the onset of Alzheimer’s or Dementia? How about climate specific agriculture research to create sustainable food sources for an ever increasing population? Don’t get me started on Bio-fuels, or a highly efficient generator that doubles the output of aging hydroelectric plants without increasing environmental impact?
      Those things don’t fill trophy cases, 92. Keep your eye on the prize, sir.


  8. Good thing the state of Louisiana isn’t a corrupt cesspool completely incapable of responsible budgeting. Amiright?


  9. Cousin Eddie

    So does the money that students pay in Athletic fees now get to stay with the educational department of the school? Would seem fair.
    Look the wise thing to do would be to just stop transferring the funds and not say anything instead of opening your mouth and proving you are a fool.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Anyone who flunks PR 101 automatically qualifies for an A.D. job.


  11. Tyler

    Bonus he quoted Emmert in his defense.

    “In my time here, whether I was a student or working here, I like the mantra that Mark Emmert told me: we’re going to be great at physics, football and everything in between,” Woodward told media at the football operations center Wednesday. “That’s what matters. That’s what we’re about here at LSU.”


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Sorry Scott, this ain’t Texas money here at LSU.


  13. DawgPhan

    Why start this fight though? I mean he could have given the typical

    “we will continue to evaluate how we can best support the university while making sure LSU athletes have access to world class resources. Go Tigers!”


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