Rainy, with a chance of manball

Between the weather on Saturday and this

… Overall, Georgia Tech is 0-4 when allowing over 200 rushing yards and 1-5 when giving up 150 or more – the North Carolina win last week was the outlier.

Tennessee and Oregon were the only two teams other than Samford – Georgia didn’t exactly go full force in that – to keep the Dawgs to under 150.

… it’s looking like another day of We Run This State for the Dawgs.


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17 responses to “Rainy, with a chance of manball

  1. Derek

    It would be nice to see someone other than McIntosh get going.

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  2. Bulldawg Bill

    I think I feel a bad case of the “runs” coming on. What should I take for it??

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  3. Catfish

    Air out the scout team.


    • Down Island Way

      Don’t show more than we need too, before the seccg, Dawgs win the day, those -35 vs the north avenue fucking trade school won’t make it, what the hey…TUCK FECH and their pocket protectors they rode in here on…GO DAWGS!


  4. MudCat's Mechanic

    I would absolutely love to see soul crushing death march after soul crushing death march. All day. Yeah, likely wouldn’t score 50 but it’d be nice destroying the nerds.


  5. Bulldawg Bill

    After the legendary “stole our girls” maneuver, they deserve all the devastation that can be dealt!!!!!


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