Broken tackles? I got ‘yer broken tackles, alright.

I mentioned in Monday’s Observations post that one encouraging thing I saw was both McIntosh and Milton actually breaking tackles.  Some of y’all expressed skepticism about that, but, hey, don’t take my word for it!

Like it or not, the Dawgs finally gained some traction in the running game in the second half against Mizzou.  Whether that was due to a change in scheme, or the o-line waking up, or something else, I can’t say.  I just hope the coaches know and bottle it for use against Auburn.


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  1. Anon

    Let’s hope so. I suspect auburn will see a motivated and pissed off Dawg team Saturday. Some auburn OLineman provided some bulletin board material too—fake juice I’m all for too nowadays

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    Daijun 💪

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  3. Ran A

    Georgia gutted out this win. They put themselves in a hole, let the other team believe and the crowd and let’s face it – in a weird environment. Mizzou is just missing something – can’t explain it.

    The Dawgs willed themselves to a win at Missouri. In the 2nd half they ground out 300 yards (while hold Missouri to 100) and slowly, but surly took this game over. Missouri, fought, scratched, kicked, cheap shotted and ran their mouth the entire way. It was ugly and it was nasty and not a lot of fun for anybody.

    A less talented or less mentally tough team would have folded under these circumstances. This is an opportunity to learn and grow from this. We’ll find out more on Saturday.

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  4. First of all, let’s get back to basics…Auburn sucks.

    Having gotten that out of the way, Mizzou was our trap game that we survived. Some on the team were reading too much fluff online…clearly focus and execution were missing. I believe that gets corrected this week. I think Kirby needed a coaching lesson to highlight, and he got one last Sat. Most of these Dawg players are very serious young men that want to be great. Some just got a little out of alignment…but that gets corrected. Home field, home crowd, hated rival…makes awesome Dawgfood

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  5. I don’t have the technical knowledge of blocking schemes to recognize the differences. A question for someone who does. What happened in the fourth quarter to create such a different result from the rest of the game. We went from being bullied and embarrassed up front to being the bully & imposing our will. I’ve read that we went from zone blocking to a gap scheme. What exactly does that entail?


  6. uga97

    When we shift from pass to run plays, with our solid blocking by TEs & WRs plus conditioning, talent & depth it is a formula vs inferior teams.