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Dooley passes.

Vince Dooley has passed away.

Between his 25-year coaching career and his lengthy stint as athletic director, the man leaves behind an enormous legacy.



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A dollar here, a dollar there…

Good freakin’ Lord.

A fully guaranteed $5 million a year contract for a G5 coach.  Sure, that seems sensible.


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The cheese stands alone.

You know that bit about X number of teams that would trade places with a team?

Georgia is that team.


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Two keys to tomorrow’s game?

Bill Connelly ($$) makes a good point about the pace of the game we’ll see Saturday.

1. These teams play at absurdly slow tempos. Georgia games average just 11.4 possessions per team, and Florida games average 10.7. The Dawgs move the ball with ruthless efficiency, but then there are fewer possessions, mistakes hurt more and there are fewer opportunities for the superior team to pull away.

2. Florida’s big plays are as big as anyone’s. Running backs Montrell Johnson Jr. and Trevor Etienne and quarterback Anthony Richardson are all home run hitters in the ground game, and receivers Justin Shorter and Ricky Pearsall are averaging 20.8 yards per catch. Georgia, meanwhile, struggles to stretch the field with the passing game. If this becomes a big-play contest (and if we’re being honest, it probably won’t), Florida wins it.

Is that enough? Probably not. Georgia is quite a bit better overall. But if the Gators are able to make the Dawgs anxious, chunk plays and low possession totals will play a huge role.

Remember Kirby’s mantra about running more plays than the other team does.  What can screw with that are big plays and turnovers.  (And maybe a well-timed fake punt?)

Meanwhile, here’s Pete Fiutak’s succinct observation about what it will take for the Gators to come out on top:  “QB Anthony Richardson has to be the best player on the field.”

If that happens, I’m gonna be very disappointed with the defensive coaching staff.


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Heisman dark horse has opinion.

Bo knows, people.

Now, if we played them again tomorrow, the game would be completely different, and everybody knows that,” Nix said of the Dawgs.

Wait, that requires a follow up. Do you believe Oregon would beat Georgia today?

“I do,” the senior said. “From the first game of the season, a lot of teams get so much better.”

Georgia not being one of those, apparently.  Why would you expect anything different from someone who spent three years at a place that had a national championship parade for a team that didn’t win the national championship?


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The Veer and Shoot

The Dawgs, we are told, spent some time during bye week doing prep work for the Tennessee game.  If you’re interested in what that entailed, Ian Boyd has an excellent post exploring the roots of the system Josh Heupel runs that you can check out here.

He identifies the following key factors that make it a unique offense:

  • Identifying feature 1: Ultra wide receiver splits
  • Identifying feature 2: Extreme HUNH spread stress
  • Identifying feature 3: Infiltration tactics. I.E., throw to set up the run

To sum it up, as he puts it,

Honestly, much of the Veer and Shoot is a bit of a gimmick. Spread your opponent out so they are forced to divide their forces against your spread option and play-action tactics rather than out-executing them with fundamentals. Go as fast as you can to try and catch them unready or tired.

Read the whole thing.


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But they’re last in sacks, PAWWWLLL!!!

Defense is still getting it done.

That’s how you wind up with the lowest defensive passer rating in the conference.


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“I’m gonna take my shot with Malcolm.”

Aaron Murray breaks down the big touchdown in the 2012 Cocktail Party:


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