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Gone, but not… oh, never mind.

Amidst the announcement that Florida State is vacating 12 of Diddy’s football wins, comes word that the fan base has taken that news very, very hard.

… According to FSU, renewal of booster memberships is up 90 percent compared to early 2009, while monetary gifts have jumped 17 percent.

Florida State’s ticket office has reported an 80 percent increase in new sales and ticket renewals have skyrocketed. By this time last year, the ticket office had 423 renewals. This year, they have 2,327, a spike of 450 percent.

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Tuesday brunch buffet

A few late morning nuggets for your viewing pleasure:


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Thursday morning buffet

Believe it or not, there are other things going on in the college football world today.

  • Louisville hasn’t spoken with Charlie Strong yet.  Phil Fulmer, on the other hand…
  • Ari Fleischer has been, is and always will be a douchebag of the first order.  What the BCS sees in him I have no idea.
  • Stewart Mandel says the Gator Bowl can invite a 6-6 FSU team to play this season in Bobby Bowden’s last game as head coach.  The Gator Bowl says the ACC had better believe that.
  • What is it about schools that make them think they should get away with heavy-handed crap like this?
  • Ivan Maisel interviews four SEC coaches about Alabama vs. Florida.  Their conclusion?  It’s all about Tebow, baby.
  • Today’s “Jane, you ignorant slut” exchange:  Jerry makes the case for why Auburn is as worthy as any 7-5 SEC school to play in the Outback Bowl and cocknfire counterpunches.


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Thursday morning buffet

Here are a few tempting morsels to whet your college football appetite.

  • Aron White plays the “woulda, shoulda” card regarding the Florida game:  “My hat’s off to them because they’re a great team, but I don’t feel that they’re unbeatable by any means. I feel like if we’d have come and had a little more focus, we could have came out with a ‘W.’ ” Oy.
  • The Locksley punch-out story gets stranger and stranger.
  • So does the Slick-Rick-gets-ripped-on-Facebook story.
  • What happens if Diddy picks Chuck Amato to succeed Mickey Andrews as the FSU defensive coordinator?  ‘Cause I’m betting that the Chest ain’t Jimbo’s first choice.  Or his fifty-third, for that matter.
  • If this is accurate, shame on every D-1 school that’s turned Boise State down.
  • If you haven’t seen this yet, take a minute and watch.   It’s pretty damned cool.
  • Oh, puhleeze.
  • Mark Richt channels his inner Vince Dooley with this classic quote about Tennessee Tech:  “Just looking at the film throughout the year, they might be the best-coached kick return team we’ve played…”
  • Speaking of Mark Richt, Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog has some advice for him regarding strength and conditioning.


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Bobby Bowden’s writing on the navel

This may go down as Diddy’s epitaph.

“Bobby Bowden refusin 2 step down is like when ur grandparents refuse 2 give up their car keys,” FSU superfan and former contributor Jenn Sterger tweeted Monday. “We luv u, just tired of u crashing into [stuff]!”

My friends, when you’ve lost Jenn Sterger, you’ve lost America.


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Wednesday brunch buffet

A little later in the day, but just as tasty.

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Thursday morning buffet

Rise and shine, campers.

  • Big 12 athletic directors to Mountain West Conference:  take a hike, son.
  • Doc Saturday takes a sympathetic look at Mark Richt’s career to date, and repeats Michael Elkon’s timing meme.
  • At Wisconsin, loose Internet lips sink recruit’s ship.
  • As you read the “yes” part to this point-counter point piece on the FSU appeal, ask yourself this – what is it exactly that Diddy Bowden does these days?
  • The Doc says the Weis wash out in the Notre Dame media guide is overblown, since you can turn the page, but the author of the original story that made the rounds notes in a follow up that Weis’ record is treated differently in the media guide than other coaches at the school.
  • It’s Alabama football bloggers versus Brian Cook, the Rematch.  Pass the popcorn, please.
  • Man, Michael Adams’ $250K under the table deal with Jim Donnan still steams me more than a decade later, but even I’ve got to admit that Kansas State’s former athletic director makes Adams look like a piker with this arrangement.
  • Trinton Sturdivant checks in.


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